pichwai blue table mats

Presenting this vintage collection of table mats in an array of natural tones that invoke a smooth and luxurious ambience. Stimulated by everything timeworn, antiquated craftsmanship, pichwai artwork, and carvings from eternities ago. Peeling paint, fragmented walls, rustic finishes and splashes of gold. The old has never failed to fascinate and charm, enthralling to keep the old fashioned alive in the present. An inviting palette beautifully complements the textures that make for cosy and lush table setting. For elegant, relaxing interiors. With the pichwai motif and the serene placement of this combination, these table mats exudes an old world charm. They also exude a unique character due to the interplay of cool and warm shades of blue & grey. A piece that's bound to find a place in everyone's heart and home. The color scheme is energetic and at the same time tranquil, making it the piece that's sure to work as the highlight of the room and complement the tasty and scrumptious treats on your dining table. Since these mats are heat proof, waterproof and scratch proof, they work as beautiful decor pieces while serving as an essential utility item. So go serve those yummy treats in style, we say!
  • Composition: Wood
  • Size: 17 x 11"
  • Set: Includes 6-8 Pieces Of Table Mats
  • Care: Wipe Clean With Damp Cloth
  • Design: Inspired & Infused With Original Art
  • Note: This Is A Pictorial Representation, Actual Colours May Differ Slightly
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